We are Moscow Bar Show and for more than 8 years we've been changing Russian bar industry by delivering new brands, products and solutions for carrier and business development.

12 000 m2

MBS 2019 will take place in Saint Petersburg at new venue - Street Art Museum. The place that is saturated with creative ideas and tough solutions. 3 insane days of Russian bar industry mixed with lectures by international and Russian experts, flavoured with massive exhibition of enourmous number of companies and brands, lots of them will be represented in Russia for the first time, petabytes of videos, photos and selfies and, of course, warm and classy small talks over a lot of bars in Saint Petersburg.

educational activities


MBS is the place, where Russian and international experts spread their experience in business development and optimisation. And also answer a lot of questions about everything from cocktail recipes and premixes till how to make your project international. Every single topic will be analized and disсussed during our educational programme!


MBS exhibition area is a terrific opportunity to find the next bestseller that waits for you and only you to grab it and bring it onto your bar shelves. You will encounter fresh new brands as well as quite original spins on brands that seem so familiar all executed by a team of professional bartenders.

more than

MBS 2019 Concept

Deconstruction -

An art and philosophy movement that is aimed at object or phenomenon comprehension through fragmentation and deformation of each of its components in detail to find new ways of implementation. We suggest using what professionals all over the world have given us working with design, art, architecture. We need this experience to understand and analyze all the steps you take in your job - from coming up with a new cocktail taste to the strategic planning of a project. Once we have broken down every phenomenon into the smallest of parts, we can subtract the superfluous and find new combinations and plans for aims that we set.

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